cony revolutionizesyour digital workflow.

Digitization has long begun to affect us all. Using Alexa, smartwatches, smart homes and digital assistants as well as relying on the constant accessibility of family and colleagues via WhatsApp, phone, or video calls has become completely normal. This development of technology has been given many names – Internet of Everything, IoT, or the Digital Revolution to just name a few. All of the digital solutions of this beautiful new world however, have one thing in common: everyone can set them up easily without having the slightest bit of IT knowledge.

Production systems, autonomous transport solutions, and digital sensors are extremely powerful tools for the industry – but it usually requires a lot of effort to integrate these additional systems into your industrial processes. We will change that:

welcome cony

The basic idea is simple: cony is a platform that connects all of your industrial services to one another. From autonomous industrial trucks, cleaning robots, and ERPs, to wireless sensors or blockchain micro payments with IOTA – every service can be connected to cony via an open source API. cony means rabbit – and just as rabbits build a system of tunnels for social exchange and communication among their pack, cony connects all of your digital services for an individual workflow.

Most importantly: you wont need an IT guy or any knowledge of coding to create exactly the industrial workflow you want in cony. All you need to do is connect services to our self-explanatory user interface, to then easily and visually define what happens when and under what conditions. Using a modular principle, you can combine existing or individual triggers with an inexhaustibly wide range of actions. This will save you and your staff a lot of work later and will fully exploit the digital potential of your systems.

Consider the following case:

  • A truck delivery will be arriving soon
  • cony knows from the APIs of your ERP and Yard Management tools when, where, and with what the truck will arrive.
  • An autonomous forklift will be sent to Gate 3 before the truck arrives
  • After the truck is successfully unloaded, the warehouse manager receives a message on his smartphone or smartwatch
  • if there is not another delivery arriving to gate 3 in the next 20 minutes, a cleaning robot is sent to clean the goods receiving area

cony enables you to define similar workflows as well as countless others, without a single line of code. This is all made possible through the incredibly simple to use interface.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable you to create your own digital and automated workflows within your logistics, sales, or production process. Most importantly, we want you to do it all yourself – without an extensive IT project or configuration by external service providers. Just build and run.

We want to connect industrial services, vehicles, and processes with each other digitally in the simplest way possible. We also want to integrate consumer devices such as Alexa, the Apple Watch or Smart Home technology, as these products can be used perfectly for fast proofs of concept and at the same time fulfill their purpose at a relatively reasonable price. This way you can easily try out new processes yourself – even if your company is too small for a large scale system integration.

We are curious as to which services and workflows we can conquer together – which services do you want to connect with cony?


boris juhl, founder